Single Letter Logos for Inspiration

This week, we will look at a collection of creative single letter logos to hopefully help you feel inspired to test your limits. This style of logos can be very challenging, yet when done well, create an impact and lasting memory of the brand.

Before we dive too far into the visuals, I want to highlight some components that can help a letter logo stand out. The key to this style is to focus on the brand identity as a whole, not just a logo. You’ll want to take note of the meaning behind the brand, as well as the tone of voice. With these in mind, it’ll be easier to discover the image the brand should have as their logo and what look and feel to use. Below are some notes on how to create a successful letter logo:

        1. 1. Keep It Simple:

      Don’t focus on creating an elaborate icon right away. The best logos have no unnecessary elements to distract the consumer. If you utilize geometric guides, this can help simplify a complicated idea by demonstrating a balance and cleanliness, allowing the logo to stand out.

  1. 2. Sketch, Sketch, Sketch:
          1. I think as modern-day designers, we are often too quick to jump on the computer and start working. We crave the finished product before it is even developed. So next logo you’re working on, make sure to pull out your


          and grab a pen or pencil. This will allow you to put all of your ideas in one place, and hopefully, will help you connect the dots you’ve created.
    3. Start Small:
      1. If you’re not an expert with the world of type, as most of us aren’t, sometimes the best place to start is by tracing already existing letters from typefaces and altering the points. Now, obviously we don’t want to challenge any copyright laws, so make sure you’re only using this as a guide. The pros of starting like this is seeing the movement the letters make in different typefaces. Type the letter you’re using in a few different fonts and see what elements you could possibly use.
logo design
By A. William Patino
logo design
By George Bokhua
logo design
By Alex Badovsky
logo design
Found on Pinterest
logo design
Found on LogoPond
logo design
Found on LogoPond

Do you have other examples you think should make the list? Comment below and tell me your favorite single letter logo designs!

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