Candi App

CASE STUDY: Brand identity and app design for video-chatting software connecting fans with celebrities.

The main goal was to create a brand identity that encapsulates the excitement users get when connecting with their idols. What followed was months of strategy work to design an interface that was not only attractive to teens and frequent social media users, but also allowed the users to focus on their meeting by having intuitive, well-placed elements within the app.


Create a brand identity and product design for a video-chatting social media.

The app offers 4 different video-chatting options where the celebrity can ask questions, create polls, and filter through fans, maintaining control of the conversation at all times.

The goal with the design was to match the minimalistic approach that is a trend in app design at the moment. Inspiration was pulled from Instagram, Tik Tok, and Cameo, all apps that the target audience of 14-22 year olds frequent most often. This group of people are social, both on and off the internet, and they idolize celebrities based on their own interests. 


Pay attention to apps people ages 14-22 use daily.

This audience is active on social media websites such as TikTokInstagramVSCO, and Snapchat. They strive to be connected to their celebrity idols and look for ways to interact more often. Focusing primarily on the interactions between Celebrities and Influencers (C+and+I = Candi) and their fans, the logo itself had to reflect these feelings of excitement and exploration. When creating a whole identity, it was crucial to create liveliness in order to maintain the same level of “pop.”


Spark happiness and be bold.

Pulling inspiration from popular social media apps, the final brand identity for Candi is that of their people. The logo and imagery associated with the brand pop off a page, inviting the younger target audience to investigate the app. With a strong first impression, the Candi brand keeps its consumers with its ability to spark happiness through vivid colors and humble verbiage.