Athletic All Fitness

UI Design, Visual Design


Branding and UI design for fitness app. Athletic All Fitness has created an app called Circuits. The app serves active users who would prefer to create their own workout routines by selecting individual exercises and pre-made circuits. Being the sole designer on this project, I have spent many hours researching what the target user prefers during a workout. With that in mind, the app has been designed to focus on the variety of selections and the ease of creating a custom workout, to ensure that the time spent on the app is productive. While we are still in the beta version of the app, I am designing upgrades to the style in order to not only achieve what the user is requesting, but also tidying up the visual brand to feel strong and cohesive, which aims to motivate the user. Images: 1. Logo   2. Current Look   3. Updated Style   4. Workout Session   5. Onboarding

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    Athletic All Fitness