Portland Creative Agencies

Portland Creative Agencies

We all have heard that Portland, Oregon, is a creative city, but what exactly are some of the places to work there?

Portland creative agencies are in abundance, with a variety of types. Some focus on corporate branding, while others focus on outdoor lifestyle. In this article, we will discuss 3 of the top agencies that offer a range of solutions.

    1. Sasquatch Agency
    2. HappyLucky
    3. Instrument

Sasquatch Agency is a powerhouse in the design world, especially in Portland. The agency focuses on helping outdoor and lifestyle brands find their voice in the city of brews and views. Sasquatch takes what they are passionate about and transforms those ideas into creative solutions for brands, encouraging them to discover engaging ways to interact with the people of Portland. If you’re interested in the “Portland Lifestyle,” then check Sasquatch Agency out, they might be the perfect fit for you!

Ever thought about what it would be like working for a rad company that pushes the limits? HappyLucky is that brand. With a dog-friendly office and a wide scope of clients, both internationally and nationally, HappyLucky focuses on the well-being of their clients and employees. The most interesting part of the company is that they don’t just work on your average designs. The team at HappyLucky strives to create design through spaces and strategy that inspire the consumer in the everyday life. Looking for a thrilling adventure, try HappyLucky!

If you’re looking for an agency in Portland, chances are you want a unique experience. Well, Instrument offers just that. With an innovative mindset focusing on the experience in terms of process, the team at Instrument creates progressive designs in a variety of dimensions. At a place like Instrument, not that there are many like it, you’ll learn skills that you didn’t even know you could obtain. Instrument is a highly-admired agency in Portland for a reason.

This list is only the beginning of awesome agencies to work for in Portland, so make sure you browse through the Portland Creative List to find what is best for you.

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