Project Description


Develop brand identity for new life-coaching company representing many avenues of experience.


Shifts Coaching


Create an identity for a life-coaching brand that focuses on people achieving their goals with the help of qualified coaches. With experience in all areas ranging from personal to financial goals, Shifts wants to convey their expertise and passion for connecting people to their dreams.


Ages 28-40, these are people with the income to be able to support coaching, while also looking to make a breakthrough in life, be it personal or business-related. Those who seek coaching tend to be looking to make a change, move forward, and leave something behind.


Starting with a questionnaire to gather the client’s view on the brand, moodboards were then created for inspiration. The identity design process started with the logo, and after many variations, the client decided that a graphic with slight movement, yet definite structure was the visual they related with most. Next, based on the research from the initial questions, color was chosen to represent comfort and honesty, while simultaneously presenting feelings of progression and professionalism.


Keeping the level of professionalism and passion in mind, the Shifts Coaching brand identity reminds the consumers of the approachable, yet experienced team of coaches hoping to inspire their clients to make the changes necessary to grow. Just as consistency is key in life-coaching, the same goes for the identity of Shifts. Clean, structured lines do not clutter the page, but instead provide support to the content. The voice of Shifts is one that sounds inviting and humble, yet looks confident and insightful. With a team of coaches with real-life experiences, Shifts’s brand identity is welcoming to all those with desires to move forward in life.

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