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Social Media Branding

HouseLovePDX represents a team of realtors based in Portland, Oregon, who work for Living Room Realty. With a desire to bring more traffic to their business, Kari and Erika decided to brand their social media and collateral so their clients can easily remember who they are. Since they work for an overarching company, the guidelines restrict the team from using their own personal logo. So, adapting to this rule, we created a logo design for the team, then used the elements across their social pages to reflect the feel the logo provides.

The HouseLovePDX team is a pair of cousins born and raised in the Pacific Northwest who inspire to comfort their customers with their personal approach. HouseLovePDX, and its brand identity, represents the welcoming personalities of the ladies, while also presenting a timeless, professional look that appeals to the average homebuyer. The main objective of this project was to create social media templates on Canva that Kari and Erika could edit and post themselves. By making these posts unified and cohesive, customers on the social platforms will be able to easily recognize the HouseLovePDX brand when scrolling through.


Logo Design, Graphic Design, Social Media


Graphic Design, Social Media


HouseLove PDX

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