Project Description


Design user interface for a new video chatting app that connects celebrities and influencers with their fans.




Available on iTunes and Google Play in July


Before the global pandemic started, a Black couple came up with their idea to help monetize time for celebrities and influencers by offering them a service where they could connect with their fans with a secure and fluid app. The app offers 4 different video-chatting options: Meet & Greet, Video Conference, Live Stream, and Go Live. Within each category, the candi (Celebrity and Influencer) can ask questions, create polls, and filter through fans, maintaining control of the conversation at all times.

The goal with the design was to match the brand identity’s boldness, keeping the minimalistic approach that is a trend in app design at the moment. Inspiration was pulled from Instagram, Tik Tok, and Cameo, all apps that the target audience of 16-24 year olds frequent most often. This group of people are social, both on and off the internet, and they idolize celebrities based on their own interests. In order to match the strength of the other apps, consistency and structure was put in place. This repeat of button size and color, header text, and image appearance are just a few examples of what makes a great user interface design stand out.


Aside from the video options, the fans are capable of interacting with the candi by answering and asking questions, responding to polls, and requesting to Go Live. When on a video call, the notifications float on the top right of the screen, fading away at about one-quarter of the way down. At the end of each video chat, the fan is asked to leave a review and a tip, to which they can view in their summary afterwards. All information they need, including upcoming and past events, is located on their profile screen.


On the candi side of the app, they are instructed right away to upload a profile photo and video, select categories pertaining to their area of fame, set a rate, and briefly explain themselves in a bio. From there, they can create events, view their earnings, message fans, and look over their reviews. This side of the app was created to mimic the fan side to increase fluidity and keep the theme consistent.

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