Minimalist Graphic Design Done Right

One of the latest trends is minimalist graphic design when updating brands identities. We’ve seen this recently with companies like Uber, Century 21, and Mailchimp who have updated their branding in the last year.

Why have so many made the switch to such minimalist graphic design styles? Aside from keeping up with the trends, some change their brand identity to instill an anticipation in upcoming goals, others just simply realized their mark and look were outdated and wanted to compete. In this article, we’ll take a look at a few logo redesigns of 2018 that either helped or hurt their identity, and how to create one of your own.

minimalist graphic design
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Animal Planet

Let’s start with what NOT to do. We all know the logo on the left. Most of us grew up seeing it on television on some of our favorite shows. Sure, it could use an upgrade, but the logo on the right is not the solution. (In my opinion, of course.) The old Animal Planet logo held the structure of a rectangle with more abstract shapes creating the letters. This overall form was easily recognizable, with the greens showcasing excitement and a sense of adventure.

The new logo is anything but exciting. With a basic, sans-serif font, the letters lose all movement they once had. The brand changed its look entirely, from the outer shape, to the colors, to the fonts, nothing is the same. Now, there are perks to a complete re-brand, and there may have been a reason for such an abrupt switch, but as everyday consumers, the new logo does not tell us enough about the brand.

Continue reading to learn what TO do when it comes to minimalist logo design.

minimalist graphic design
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Here is a good example of a fresh re-design. Looking at the logos side-by-side, it’s easy to see the upgrade. The new logo, Uber is targeting a specific demographic: smartphone users. Since their whole model relies on those users, their brand needed to stand out against other apps, being easily spotted and identified. The previous logo did the opposite, with the busy background and bitcoin-like shape.

Another reason this design works, is that there is much to go off of with a brand like this. The clean lines, simple (minimalist) graphics, and lack of color allows for a variety of brand elements to develop. The limitations don’t quite exist as much as they used to in the left logo, so there is more room for consistency and brand recognition on any platform.

minimalist graphic design
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Century 21

Lastly, here is a re-brand that I absolutely love. Century 21 wanted to bring their appearance to the next level with their new minimalist design. Even though the logo on the left was already simple, the new logo creates a sense of class and sophistication that the old one never had. By keeping the same colors, but only changing the yellow to the gold tone, the brand now says “luxury.” Little alterations like these can make a huge impact on the personality of a logo.

Another aspect that Century 21 thought about was their image to consumers. With big changes coming up, the company created a brand identity that puts them in the position to upscale and continue to move into a high-end market. Again, the small details help this progress. Crisp lines, use of negative space in the circle, and updated colors fitting into modern trends really make this redesign stand out.

What other re-brands do you love? I want to know. Comment below!

If you’re considering a new logo, always start with your target audience. Ask yourself questions like, “Who are our main consumers?” and “Why do they want our product?” The answers you come up with will help guide you to make the right decision when it comes to your style. Need help getting started? Don’t hesitate to reach out!

When you’ve decided that a modern logo is perfect for your brand, the next step is to work through the rest of your brand identity. There are many ways to design a successful minimalist logo, but what truly matters is that the tone of voice matches the target audience, which matches your brand. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when starting one of your own:

  • Use clean, grid-based design
  • Research current trendy colors
  • Remember less is more
  • Utilize negative space

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