Who Am I?

Jill did an absolutely fantastic job on the pitch deck with very little guidance from me. I will definitely hire her again.



Jill was really great at understanding my feedback and implementing changes when I myself didn’t always have a clear idea of what I wanted. The work turned out beautifully and captured exactly the feeling I was going for. It all looks very cohesive and intentional, I thought Jill did a wonderful job selecting images that work well together. Overall I was just very impressed by the quality of the work, especially considering how quick the turnaround was.


Cielo Apartments

“Jill helped us build our brand from the ground up and did so while juggling two very different personalities. She did so seamlessly and our website is amazing. It’s clean and communicates exactly what we want it to. She’s been by our side the whole way since as well and has taken care of the details for us.”


HouseLab PDX

“Jill has been a great resource for our small business needs. She’s really creative and is a great listener. She “gets it” quickly when you have a vision and is full of great ideas if you don’t! Revisions take minutes – she just cuts down on the endless back and forth you find with other designers! We love Jill!”



“Jill is a strong communicator and makes sure she truly understands her tasks at hand very thoroughly. She asks the right questions, challenges incomplete ideas by adding clarity, and works really well with everyone in our office spanning from copywriting, to design, to photography, to strategy, and much beyond.”


Eris Creative

“Jill is a dream to work with, and has made my job significantly easier as a whole. Along with being incredibly creative, she is able to easily adapt to my needs and is very responsive. She understands what I’m looking for with the projects I task her with, and always goes above and beyond in their executions.”


Lifestyle Brand

“Jill is a real pleasure to work with. Her can-do positivity keeps her cool under pressure and focused on solutions. Throughout the time that I have been fortunate enough to work with Jill, I’ve seen her step into tasks and new responsibilities with little-to-no direction and absolutely own them.”


Eris Creative
While I would like to call myself a dog-person, I know my strength is in human interaction. Over the years, I have discovered my passion in helping clients tell their stories and empower their visions, all in the form of design.
I’ve always enjoyed puzzles and games, and I believe that is what got me into design. I remember walking through a grocery store as a young child and wondering why all of the cereal boxes were so similar. As I dove into design, I became aware of the process in which to solve problems, which led me to focusing on layout design and brand strategy. I love to work with clients to figure out their needs, then use my skills to ensure their message is being told exactly how they envision it, on every device or platform.
I am available for freelance design work. Ready to get started or learn some more about how I can help? Let’s set up a time to chat!


Exploring nature, photographing birds, playing with my dog, game nights with friends, spending time in the garden, jigsaw and rebus puzzles, learning embroidery, SF Giants games


B.F.A. in Graphic and Web Design from The Art Institute of Portland


Layout design, typography, hierarchy, website design, app design, presentation design, brand strategy, logo design, brochure design, merch design, flyer design