Passionate, Focused, Ambitious


JillSock Creative is a graphic design freelance agency based in Portland, Oregon, run by myself, Jill Sockolov. I specialize in brand identity, layout design for print and digital, editorial design for books and catalogs, and social media content. With a B.F.A. in Graphic and Web Design from The Art Institute of Portland, I am continuously learning and adapting, and of course, finding new passions within the world of design. Lately, my interest has been to dive into UX and UI design, thanks to Udemy courses, and learn the strategy involved behind the scenes of website creations.


Having moved from California to Oregon 10 years ago, I have come to learn that I am an extrovert who loves weeknights spent doing puzzles and playing board games, and weekends exploring the the beautiful scenery with my camera in tow. When I am not in front of my computer screen, you can find me hiking with my dog and partner, camping, backpacking, hunting for wildflowers in the spring, and chasing delicious dry ciders around the Pacific Northwest.

What got me into design in the first place was actually cereal boxes. I remember being younger, walking through the grocery store with my parents, and looking at the cereal aisle. I was dumbfounded by how many looked the same, causing my eyes to drift all over the place. I didn’t know what graphic design was until way later, but that memory has stuck with me. I now focus my skills on the use of hierarchy to direct the consumers’ eyes in which the way the design is intended.


There are a million designers out there, so why JillSock Creative? Well, first off, there are always monetary benefits of working with a freelancer versus an agency. When you work with me, a freelancer, you get a rate that is catered specifically towards your project and your budget. I promise flexibility in finding a solution that works best for you and your brand, without breaking the bank. Plus, I have creative connections around the world, so I can ensure that whatever your needs are, I can help.

Second, you’ll find that my work ethic is consistent and dependable. Take this quote from my art director at my previous agency role, “Jill is a strong communicator and makes sure she truly understands her tasks at hand very thoroughly. She asks the right questions, challenges incomplete ideas by adding clarity, and works really well with everyone in our office spanning from copywriting, to design, to photography, to strategy, and much beyond.” With over 6 years of professional experience, I have gained insight in working with companies, both large and small, and know what it takes to make clients happy. While I’d call myself a dog-person above all else, I also know myself to be a people-person. My team-centric approach to collaboration can best be described as inclusive, as I value the perspectives of all those with whom I co-create. When it comes to creative work, the ability to listen with open ears and an open mind is a necessary step toward total realization of a collaborative project.

Lastly, and most importantly, I care. I care about your brand. I care about your happiness. And I care about your relationship with JillSock Creative. I’d love nothing more than to be your main source for design needs, now and in the future, because once you work with me, I am committed to you. I will push my limits and break down walls just to know you are proud of the design that is associated with your brand, created by JillSock Creative.

Let’s Work Together


Have a project in mind? Shoot me a message. Not sure where to begin? Shoot me a message. Need brand consulting? Shoot me a message. Whatever it is, let’s do it together.