About Jill Hammel

While I would like to call myself a dog-person, I know my strength is in human interaction. Over the years, I have discovered my passion in helping clients tell their stories and empower their visions, all in the form of design.

As I grow as a designer, I find myself curious about what’s next. Currently, I have been honing my skills in visual design, assisting clients in creating a variety of assets that stay within the brand guide. It is where I feel I thrive, as I am passionate about brand cohesion, but comfort doesn’t always push me to the next level. Lately, I have noticed my shift into user interface design where I can do what I love which is solving puzzles.

As for my past, I’ve always enjoyed puzzles and games, and I believe that is what got me into design. I remember walking through a grocery store as a young child and wondering why all of the cereal boxes were so similar. As I dove into design, I became aware of the process in which to solve problems, which in turn led me to work with a variety of brands to expand their brand identities. My goal is to direct clients in figuring out their design and marketing needs, then use my skills to ensure their message is being told exactly how they envision it, on every device or platform.

I am available for freelance and contract design work. Ready to get started or learn some more about how I can help? Let’s set up a time to chat!