10 Best Fonts for Business Cards

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10 Best Fonts for Business Cards

Starting a new business? Updating an outdated brand identity? Learning how to design brand identities?

In the business world, getting clients is all about networking. In order to do so successfully, you must present yourself in a professional way. What better than to be able to hand out beautiful business cards?

Choosing the best font for your business card can be tough. Of course, it should all start with your brand identity, but if you have yet to develop an in-depth identity, then you may run into more trouble. One of the bonuses of having a well-constructed brand guide is for purposes such as this, as well as any designs that go with your brand. Whenever something is created, the designer can refer to the brand book to be instructed on what colors, fonts, and tone of voice to be using. For now, let’s assume you haven’t taken that step. So, what are the best fonts for business cards? Let’s first start with what makes certain fonts better than others. Then we’ll dive into the top 10 fonts.

When choosing the best font for your business cards, there are a few things to keep in mind. 

  • Use fonts from professional sites like Adobe and CreativeBloq
  • Select fonts that are easy to read at small sizes
  • Make sure that the font is simple enough and not illustrated or scripted

Meeting these criteria are crucial to creating business cards that ensure a good response. Using professional fonts from websites such as those listed above will set you apart from those that use the free sites like DaFont. The most important part of this list is using fonts that are legible when small. More often than not, people will get excited about the endless options of fun fonts instead of sticking to the basics. There is a reason these fonts are so popular! When you take a script font or a goofy headline font and shrink it down, you lose the detail, forcing the reader to strain harder to read your information. Fonts like Helvetica and Open Sans defeat this obstacle, ensuring that whoever receives your card, can obtain the information immediately.

Now that you understand the basics in choosing your fonts, read through below to see a list of the best fonts:

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